Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Dancing Challenge

I know I have been rather horrible about blogging this past week.  I promise exciting things are in store including our FOSSE special, ZUMBA with Danielle, a HIPHOP section with Matt, and a very special Yoga with Jean-Paul entry!  Quality not quantity.

In the mean time, I challenge everyone who reads this blog to put on music, your favorite music, and dance wildly and crazily in your living room for the entire duration of the song.  (For those not used to random dancing - I would strongly suggest choosing a selection SHORTER than Ravel's Bolero)

People forget that dance is supposed to be FUN and is about using your body in crazy exotic ways to express an emotion!  I was recently reminded of this when my roommate put on the final movement of Sibelius' violin concerto and we both began wildly dancing around the apartment.   Yes, I know this makes us the world's biggest nerds, but it was fun.  My roommate, who does not dance (ever), said you HAVE to blog about this.  It is so much fun and is inspiring me to take dance class now.  So there you have it - random dancing the MOST FUN work out you can have - and will inspire you to take class - and learn about your body's range of motion!

ALSO - after Sibelius, continuing with our nerdiest household ever trend,  I put on Verdi's "Anvil Chorus" from IL TROVATORE, and tried to do push-ups.  You should know, I have the weakest most anorexic arms on the planet and usually just crumble on the floor or feign an injury during the "push-up/plank" section of any pilates or dance class.  But - when I put on a piece of music that I truly loved and got me all riled up, I felt as though I could do anything, and did my push-ups for the entire chorus.  They were horrible push-ups, my nose definitely did NOT touch the floor, my elbows barely bent, and despite my best efforts, my core was not engaged, but that's not the point.  The point is I was at least TRYING, something I wasn't willing to do sans awesome music.  The next day in pilates class, I actually held my plank position for the full minute and did all the push-ups to the best of my ability.  The Anvil Chorus was definitely going through my head the entire time.  So if you have a challenging dance step or fitness exercise you dread, I high urge you to put on most motivating music and just GO FOR IT!

That is my challenge to you!  Dance randomly to your favorite music, and do some push-ups!

I leave you some "official" RANDOM DANCING from Nickelodeon's "iCarly."  (Yes - to ADD to my dorkdom, I do in fact watch iCarly.  And so should you - those kids know how to randomly dance!)

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