Monday, April 4, 2011

Richard Pierlon's Jazz Class

I am always being asked what is a certain class "like."  The truth is - the only way to know is to either TAKE the class or observe the class.  As I mentioned in my last post, this past Sunday was Steps on Broadway JAM for JAPAN where all class proceeds went towards the UNICEF Japan relief effort.  (The raised over $2000!!!)  

At any rate, several teachers were kind enough to share videos of their "jam" which gives very good insight into their class.  The above is a video of one my favorite Jazz/Theatre classes - Richard Pierlon.  This is a combination he does in his class from time to time, and a very good representation of what his class is actually "like."  I hope you enjoy it! 

 I strongly recommend taking his class.  It may be a bit challenging for a true beginner, but Richard is an inspiring teacher who focuses on classical technique (he has a very strong ballet background so his dancing is "healthy dancing"), confidence, and performance!  The class is fun, sexy, and I have always found the other dancers to be extremely kind and supportive.  Be prepared to sweat!   I always leave feeling refreshed, strong, confident, and as though I put in a good days work!

Here is Richard Pierlon's class schedule and biography from the STEPS ON BROADWAY website.  

His Monday Wednesday Friday classes are more "contemporary" where his Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday classes are more theatre jazz.  Bring your character heels!  

He also has his own website.