Thursday, February 3, 2011

Water Rabbit Quadricep Stretching!

It's the Chinese New Year!  We are now entering the year of the WATER RABBIT!  Since I personally had a less than stellar 2011 New Year, I have decided I am going to celebrate the Chinese New Year and get my new start on a FABULOUS year today!

And what better way to start off a fabulous Water Rabbit year than with one of my favorite quadricep stretches - demonstrated once again by my delightful friend Colleen!

It is---- THE LUNGE!  If you have overactive quad muscles like me, this is a fabulous way to stretch out and lengthen the muscles, as well as warm them up for physical activity - especially hopping around like, well, like a water rabbit!

Here Colleen is demonstrating a basic lunge position.

Some things to keep in mind are - don't worry if you can't go down as far as Colleen - she is a professional!  Also, try and keep your hips square and facing forward.  What we are taught as kids is to pretend there are car headlights on the front of each hip bone, and the lights need to shine straight ahead.  Also, try and keep your feet in line with your hip bones.  Most people (myself included) have a tendency to let the back leg wander way out to the side.  Wandering is good for a lazy springtime walk - but not for this stretch.  

If you want to make it a wee bit more challenging, and can grab your back foot with the opposite arm (AKA - the arm you are not using help prop yourself up!)  This will stretch your quad out even further!

Again - make sure your hips are square!  If you have knee problems - be very GENTLE!  (As with all of these exercises!)

And of course switch sides!

If you are hardcore, you can do this stretch on a wood floor, but I HIGHLY suggest finding something soft and fuzzy to make it more comfortable on your joints.  A yoga mat, towel, or blanket would do just fine!:)


And now - some Water Rabbit facts - courtesy of USBridalguide of all places!

Delicate and docile, Water Rabbits will pretty well go with the flow to avoid any conflict or argument. These situations hurt them and bother them because they are such sensitive creatures. They are usually sociable and relaxed, although sometimes they get withdrawn and introspective. They are supportive with family and friends as well as business partners and display an empathy that makes people flock to them for friendly advice and comfort. Sometimes, they can easily be taken advantage of because they are so generous with themselves and their emotions. So they have to be careful not to let their guards down so quickly.

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