Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to Muscles for Musicians - a blog where those with less dance experience can find information on dance classes, dance steps, exercise, and dance and exercise supplies.

I figured a fitting first blog entry would be to tell you how this blog came into existence.

I am pursuing a career in musical and as far back as I can remember, I have been a dancer.  I have an extensive background in ballet (my favorite!), contemporary, jazz, and modern dance, as well as a teachers certification in beginning and intermediate pilates mat.   I also happen to be a trained soprano singer and have been fortunate enough to perform with The Village Light Opera Group in Manhattan.  While performing with them, it caught my attention that a significant number of singers have extensive training in music theory, sight reading, harmonizing, and vocal technique, but not in movement and dance.  I also noticed the trained singers had unmatched levels of enthusiasm to acquire movement and dance skills.  Not a day went by when I wasn't asked by someone. "will you teach me how to dance.  This got me thinking that Muscles for Musicians would be a fabulous project for me to take on!

So here it is, in a preliminary blog form.   It would be fabulous to get feedback about what kind of issues and questions you would like addressed so feel free to e-mail me.  Some topics I am eager to address are:

-Where to take dance class (and how to afford it!)

-Basic dance terminology.  (What is a tendu!)

-Key steps for a musical dance audition

-What to expect at a dance audition.

-A "How to Do" section with steps such as "a basic time step," "pirouette," "bevel."

-Where to buy Dance Shoes

-Where to buy Dance Cloths

-How to dress for a dance audition

-Stretches you can do at home.

-Ask a choreographer

-How to massage out sore muscles

-How to strengthen and tone certain muscle groups.  (Hello Abs!)

-Yoga Moves.

-Pilates Moves.

-Non-dance fitness ideas.

-Season Fitness Ideas.

-Q&A with different dancers with different goals on their favorite classes and why

-Best at home dance videos

-Best at home dance/fitness equipment

-Workshops around the city. 

-Advice from dance teachers.

-How to pick up choreography.

-What to Wear to Class.

-Classroom etiquette.

-Where to take class when traveling and touring.

Please let me know if there is anything else on the list you would like addressed.  Hopefully as the blog and community continues toPublish Post grow, we will be adding photos and video content!  

As I currently live in Manhattan, and most of my knowledge is limited to Manhattan, where geography is concerned the information will be Manhattan-centric.  The goal of the blog, however, is to be as universal as possible.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Congratulations!  You are a dancer!


  1. I would love some tips on how to get better at picking up choreography quickly!